What do personal injury attorneys actually do?

Personal injury attorneys are advocates that play a vital role in a rapidly developing world that has been known to callously disregard human rights and safety when the situation allows. Over the past few decades, personal injury attorneys have often been portrayed in a negative light by the entertainment industry and media, and this has promoted an unfavourable opinion of the profession. There has also been a garish trend in advertising that has served to equate personal injury lawsuits with sordid get-rich-quick schemes.

As a result, many members of the general public have a warped perception about what it is that a personal injury attorney actually does.

The vast majority of personal injury attorneys, we do our jobs out of a desire to be advocates for vulnerable individuals, who would otherwise be ignored or manipulated. And it would be a difficult job to do if our intentions were not true, as some of the stories that we hear are not for the faint-hearted.

Sadly, on a regular basis, innocent people are emotionally or physically injured — and even lose their life or a loved one — as a result of a defective product, a dangerous situation, or someone else’s negligence or malpractice. Luckily, if they require legal representation for bodily or fatal injuries, they can turn to a personal injury attorney who will look after them, rather than overlook them.

It’s the job of a personal injury attorney to protect their clients from big corporations, insurance companies or negligent medical bodies, which can be quick to point the finger at other people in order to deflect from their own actions and responsibilities. These organisations have a lot at stake, and wish to protect their own assets and reputation, so they will do what they can to shift the guilt onto the victim or the lawyer. It’s a tough job that requires a thick skin, but someone has to do it.

As a result, it’s an honourable profession that respects the legal systems that have been put in place to protect people’s rights and interests, when others would happily overlook these for their own benefit.

A personal injury attorney will make the law work for you and, thanks to their efforts and certain lawsuits, injured parties not only have a voice and justice, but safety regulations and laws also often change for the better. Thanks to citizens and attorneys who have had the courage to stand up to wrongdoings, laws and regulations have been updated to minimise life-threatening situations and prevent people from getting hurt in the future. Even the mere idea of a lawsuit is sometimes enough to force companies and individuals to adhere to higher standards and follow safer practices.

If you are ever faced with a situation that requires representation, remember there are compassionate experts in personal injury law at Henry Shields Attorneys, who are happy to fight for you.